What I wouldn’t do for a Rum and Eggnog.

Came home early tonight from a Mom’s night. (10:00) Walked in the front door to complete silence. Dogs in crate, boys and husband in bed. I stood for a moment breathing in the peace. I didn’t want to leave it. I decided to stay up. Watch some trash TV and have another drink. In the fridge was a new container of our first eggnog of the season. Some spiced rum would go well with the eggnog. Oh, dam! The liquor cabinet was emptied a few months ago. We changed the cabinets and hadn’t put the new lock on the liquor cabinet. We emptied it temporarily, put all the bottles into our bedroom closet. Shit! This is a dilemma. If I want some rum in my eggnog I would need to rescue the rum from the floor of my bedroom closet. Which of course happens to be where my husband is sleeping. If I wake him up there goes my plans for alone time. How badly do I want a rum and eggnog? So there I am crawling in the dark on my hands and knees across the bedroom floor. Like a bandit in the night trying to get to my rum without waking my husband. The creaking of the closet door seemed to past the test. (Still sleeping.So far so safe). Getting closer to the rum every minute. I reach out in the dark of the closet floor feeling my way to thirst. Bloody hell, how many bottles do we have in here? How the hell can I tell which is the rum bottle by feel? Crap! As I realize this is futile I slowly back out of the closet still on my hands and knees, kicking my right foot into the corner of the bed. Fuck! Oh shit, did I say that out loud?(Still sleeping) I’ve invested this much time and energy I may as well go all the way.Fuck it! I stand up turn on the bright lights and run to the closet grab the rum bottle, turn to head out as a hand grabs my thigh. I scream and drop the bottle. Fuck! Did I say that out loud? My husbands groggy voice calls out through squinting eyes,” are you home, did you have fun?” “yes, I’m home early” I play it cool. The bottle still in one piece. ” I’ll come to bed soon, I’m going to watch a bit of TV first” I hear a groggy “O.K” as I back farther out of the room. When I reach back into the hallway I breathe again. I’m holding the rum bottle, the eggnog is waiting in the fridge and hubby is fast asleep again. So here I am watching trash TV enjoying my second…oh, I mean my first rum and eggnog of the season.

Happy Holidays, may you enjoy peace this season that does or doesn’t involve crawling around in the dark on your hands and knees.


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