Happy Mommies Day

I received my Mother’s Day gifts this morning. William made a clay owl at school. William’s card said he thinks I am prettiest when I am sleeping. My husband disagreed. Louis gave me a card. I was a bit concerned about his card. I was making dinner last night while he was writing it. He was asking me how to spell words. He said ” Mom, how do you spell regret?” “Mom, how do you spell hate?” “Mom, how do you spell boring?” I am happy to report my son does not regret that I am his mother, nor does he hate me and think I am boring. His card was all about how he regrets having to write a Mother’s Day card because they are so boring and how much he hates writing paragraphs. Whew! dogged that bullet. I must admit it is a bit odd when your son announces he is making you a card and in the same breath asks you to spell regret. Henry my eldest just walked into the room in his P.J.’s and asked if he can face time his friends on Mine craft. I said “yes”. As he was leaving Louis said “Henry, did you make a card for Mom?” Henry walked back into the room. Looked at me with sleepy eyes and said “Happy Mothers Day. I love you, and saying that is better than any card or gift” He turned quickly on his heels and headed to the computer room. Louis and William have instructed me not to enter the kitchen or leave the couch. I caught a flash of William in dress up clothes. He is wearing a hat, sunglasses, shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. The are planning a play for me. I think the play may be cancelled as they have become distracted watching Henry on Mine craft. So, Happy Mothers Day Ladies, I hope your children celebrate you as much as mine do………tee, hee!


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  1. I regret that I hate to be boring! Your kids are too funny Erica! Xoxo, love you lots!

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